Working Spalted Wood - A Caution

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When working spalted wood be extra careful to avoid kicking up and breathing
any wood dust. Mold spores in your lungs can be a nasty experience.


Re: Working Spalted Wood - A Caution
On that same note, thought I'd mention the following in case some are not
aware of the danger, which had never dawned on me before.

I am just now getting over almost two months of "lung infection" ... which
was a little bit too much of a catchall diagnosis for my skeptical nature.

I was pretty well convinced in my own mind that it was related to wood dust,
although I'd never had a problem before. Although the doctor's kept ignoring
me when I brought it up, visions of having to give up woodworking kept
popping into my head. I stayed out of the shop in any case for the duration.

Just this past week they believe they isolated the culprit. Going back over
my actions, I had cleaned out the barbecue pit two days prior to the first
symptoms. Come to find out, breathing charcoal dust from a barbecue pit is
almost guaranteed to give you a lung infection, young or old. The pulmonary
function folks said that just the act of tipping over a barbecue pit and
dumping the dust is responsible for a large percentage of their business.

I've found another use for my dust mask real quick.

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Re: Working Spalted Wood - A Caution
Spores are in the fruiting bodies - mushrooms.   Darwin would certainly
exact a heavy price on any species which tried to spread by burying its
spores inside solids.  Don't play with the bark.

Now as to the toxins produced by the mycelium - what you're seeing - to
preserve their chow from competing bacteria, they're our antibiotics, and,
as you know, some powerful allergens to boot.

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Re: Working Spalted Wood - A Caution
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Now that's an interesting point, a species that relies on woodworkers
to cut the wood open and spread the spores.  Sort of like tapeworms
relying of dogs swallowing fleas as they groom--the tapewrom larvae
infest fleas.



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