Using my veneer trim or chamfer bits to make a veneer arris

I am gonna sound like I'm right off the boat here, but I've got a box of veneer that has seen very little light. I wouldn't mind actually making something with it, say with veneer pieces meeting at right angles, with the two meeting sides both having glued pieces right up to the corner. This say, just describing two sides of a box.
What do you do when gluing on the veneer? And how do you make the arris machining? Do you attach one side, then trim it with a machine and bit and then do th e same with the other side, or glue both sides and then trim it with a machine and bit at the same time, if that makes sense. Do you use the same bit for both sides?
I'm just curious how to approach making the edge. I actually have a couple of bits that came with my 26 pce. 1/4" shaft router bit set that are possibly for veneer. One is square/straight (flush trim 1/4"), the other is a little angled (bevel trim 1/4") with a very small angle, like 5 or 10 degree-ish. Both are just a smooth edge on the shaft of the bit, no bearing or anything. If this is for something else, say for formica, I also have a 45 chamfer 1-3/4" with bearing. the set also has a dovetail bit, if necc.
I may need to know how to meet all three sides of a box, same questions as above. In fact I couldn't even cover a single surface at the moment.
Here's the set, if req'd: 5524443249345&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id08474396672936&bmUID67191828826
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