Too many clamps - Not enough clamps

G'day all, Just my 2 bob's worth, for what it's worth. Having participated in this group along with a.b.p.w. for 12 months or more, I have made an observation, WOW. I have also learnt quite a bit, thanks to all.
A topic that pops up, probably nor than any is the lack of clamps, and the how to clamp??. Pics of glue ups in abpw are often no more than pics of clamps, heaps of clamps, with some timber showing through. ;)
One topic I have never seen mentioned, Doesn't mean it hasn't been, is slip joints. I often use this technique to edge join boards. It was part of my apprenticeship 30+ years ago.
Method. 1)    Obtain you timber 2)    Mark face side and face edge 3)    Plane the face edges flat. (Either by hand of with a machine)     Note: If using a buzzer or electric planer take you time a the edge has to be as smooth as possible. 4)    Place face edges together to ensure that they fir snugly and have no gaps. Get down and check for light. 5)    Place a good bead of PVA along one face edge 6)    Place the other board on top and rub it back and forth on the glued surface until it grips. 7)    Leave until glue dries. 8)     A perfect joint and not a clamp in sight.
The other method involves the use of 1 clamp. To pass this section of the apprenticeship we had to be able to edge joint 2@ 4'x 8" x1" boards using only one clamp. This I believe was known as a hollow joint. Up until stage 4 it is the same as the slip joint. 5)    Using a hand plane #5+ remove a shaving or two from the centre of each face edge, thus giving a very slight hollow. When both face edges are place together there should be a very slight gap in the centre tapering to nothing at the ends. 6)    Apply a good bead of PVA along one face edge 7)    Place the second boards face edge onto the glued piece. 8)    Place one clamp in the centre and tighten until the gap disappears. 9)    When the glue has set and the clamp is removed you will again have a perfect edge joint.
Hoping this gives some a few ideas and that some find it useful.
Now having said all that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ENOUGH CLAMPS ;)
all the best John
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