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- Nehmo - Don't confuse DSM-IV classifications with science. They're really just a psycho-babble way to put a derogatory label on somebody. Who has a "disorder" and who doesn't is not clearly defined. But aside form that, yes, setting fires, by this classification system, can mean a disorder that stands on its own. See the "coding note" below.
DSM-IV Criteria for Mental Disorders /
Impulse control disorders
Pyromania "Pyromania More than once, the patient has deliberately and purposefully set fires. Before the fire-setting, the patient experiences tension or excited mood. The patient is interested in or attracted to fire and its circumstances and associations (such as firefighting apparatus, uses or aftermath of fire). The patient experiences gratification, pleasure or relief when setting fires or experiencing their consequences. These fires are not set: for profit to express a political agenda to conceal crimes to express anger or revenge to improve the patient's living circumstances in response to a delusion or hallucination as a result of impaired judgment* The fire-setting is not better explained by Antisocial Personality Disorder, Conduct Disorder or Manic Episode.
Coding Note *Of course, setting any fire at all would usually be interpreted as evidence of impaired judgment. What this criterion tries to express is the faulty judgment usually associated with other Axis I disorders as dementia, Mental Retardation and Substance Intoxication."
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