Re: Perfect drawers . . . . well, almost

Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt - but don't wear it. One more reason to use the Triangle Marking System. It's even more critical when the parts are solid wood rather than ply since you want "the inside of the drawer to be on the out side of the tree" (IDIOT) per Frank Klausz. Can save a lot of grief if all parts are marked to identify what goes with what and how it's to be oriented.
Furniture making presents so many opportunities for screwing up. It's amazing that, with all the parts, joints assembly, glue up, fitting and finishing, that the end results turn out as well as they do - sometimes. Without a methodical approach to things going to hell in a hand basket is just waiting to bite you in the ass.
But when everything comes together just right ...
charlie b
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