Progress on Jointer/jointer stand project

Hey All -
Well, I took a some time off of Foundation IX today to put together a jointer stand for the old cast iron craftsman 6" I've been tuning up.
The jointer was already on a tippy homebuilt base when I got it, so I just made a mobile stand out of tubafors, with an inch thick MDF/melamine top. The jointer bolts to the frame so the top MF, er MDF isn't load bearing. I am also going to put on a larger baltic ply or melamine fence that'll be just shy of the TS top so I can use the top of the jointer fence as an outrigger for sheet goods. I'll also set it up for DC, which I didn't have hooked up before.
I am taking that 1.5 cast iron old GE cap motor to the motor shop for an inspection and conversion to 220v if needed. When I opened the service panel there were some disconnected wires and a fair amount of electrical tape, tho' there was the diagram for voltage and rotation conversions... Then I remembered that both my Uncle Stan and my Dad worked on ALL of the old ag equipment (the motor came from an old walnut conveyor) and always had the same helper, Jack Daniels. This could be........anything.......... so better safe than sorry. When I get the motor back I'll set it up with a double pole 220v switch. I guess I should look at a magnetic switch... why can't you build them... Ideas, anyone??
I have a hinged motor support so that the weight of the motor and rotation keep the belt tight, but I'm thinking that the motor may be overkill for the bearings. Any idea how much weight would be optimal? The bearings are inside the body of the jointer, so I can't see exactly how big they are, but the driven shaft is 1/2" or so.
I am going to put two 220v plugs on the cabinet of the TS, and then shorten the TS plug and have a separate plug for the jointer. Additionally, I want to have a 110 plug off of 1 leg of the 220, so I have 110 at the saw. While both the TS and the jointer share a circuit, I wouldn't ever have both of them on at the same time. I would have posted pictures of this little project on ABPW, but I already saw the shots of Mark's bench and didn't want to shame myself. Maybe I'll post another picture of the foundation trenches.
Lemme know what y'all think about the proper bearing load, and if there's anything I should watch for with these mods.
John Moorhead
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