Preserving a wooden chest

Wed, Aug 9, 2006, 10:04am (EDT-3) doth wonder: Getting back to the topic, if I use "git-rot" (which you could have just said "use git-rot" without just saying "git-rot"), i have to drill a hole in the chest? I don't wan't to ruin it more than it already is. For starters, do i wipe it with a wet cloth/napkin, or leave it the way it is?
This is just a guess mind you, because you don't bother saying who you're addressing, that you're referring to my response to your post.
If you go back and read my post again you'll see that I did "not" just say "git-rot". My original post was GIT-ROT?, with a question mark. The reason I simply did not say "Use GIT-ROt" was because I was leaving it up to you whether to use it or not. Me, with a cheap-ass chest like that, I'd probably just toss it. But, if I wanted to try to preserve it, for whatever reason, I'd possibly epoxy some thin plywood on the inside, or cardboard, or fibreglass it. If you're paying atterntion you'll see I used the word "possibly", so don't come back later and try to claim I "told" you to do it that way.
Personally, I now think you're just trying to jerk our chains.
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