OT Humor: Dry T-shirts

T-shirts Observed at the Ocean City, Maryland Beach. ===================================================I Childproofed My House, but They Still Get In.
On the Front) 60 Is Not Old. On the Back) If You're a Tree.
I'm Still Hot. It Just Comes in Flashes.
At My Age, "Getting Lucky" Means Finding My Car in the Parking Lot.
My Reality Check Just Bounced.
Life Is Short. . Make Fun of it
I'm Not 50. I'm $49.95 plus Tax.
Annapolis--a Drinking Town with a Sailing Problem.
I Need Somebody Bad. Are You Bad?
Physically Pffffft!>
Buckle Up. It Makes it Harder for the Aliens to Snatch You from Your Car.
It's My Cat's World. I'm Just Here to Open Cans.
Keep Staring....I May Do a Trick.
We Got Rid of the Kids. The Cat Was Allergic.
Dangerously Under-medicated.
My Mind Works like Lightning. One Brilliant Flash and It's Gone.
Every Time I Hear the Dirty Word "Exercise" I Wash My Mouth out with Chocolate.
Cats Regard People as Warm-blooded Furniture.
Live Your Life So That When You Die, the Preacher Will Not Have to Tell Lies at Your Funeral.
My Wife Came with Instructions---lots of Instructions
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