dust control and my furnace (Update)

am in desperate need for advice about my basement woodshop and the furnace/central air unit. we share the same space, with no separation. the local utility guy just told me on the phone that my options are as follows, or I will kill the unit ...
1) Turn off the unit while working (freeze the family.) at the end of the session, open the front, vacuum it out and the area immediately around it before turning it back on.
2) Box in the unit and figure out someway to supply air.
a) new outside air supply? sounds expensive. b) louvered opening in the ``wall'' that backs on to the laundry room? (lint issues, but obviously much less than sawdust.) c) cut the access door, with louvers, in the laundry room wall, which would elimate the workspace used by SWMBO for her jewelry hobby.
what do all you guys do about this?
REALLY want to avoid having to move to the garage ...
UPDATE: I currently have a Jet 650 CFM dust collector with two diverters to handle tablesaw, router, jointer and planer, plus an air cleaner that I built from the American Woodworker plans a few years ago. TIA
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