Worcester Greenstar Combi - which Digistat Wireless stat/timer can I use?

I have an early Worcester Greenstar Condensing Combi, marked
"Worcester Greenstar ZWBR 7-25 A23 S0500 RSF Combi, Gas Council
number: 47 311 44".
When it was installed I was offered the choice of a Digistat Wireless
Thermostat with a receiver which mounted into the boiler panel. I
didn't take it up, but I would like to do so now. Unfortunately
Worcester can no longer recommend a suitable part since the boiler
itself is discontinued! I have tried to find out more from the
Worcester website, but I cannot find my model number in their list of
"Discontinued Boiler Literature".
I know I could fit another make and probably for less, but I would
like to fit a Worcester panel-mounting one. Can I use the DT20RF or
DT10RF, used for the current range of Greenstar boilers?
Many thanks.
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