Warm Air Heator

I have a wram air boiler/heating system. The heating works fine, but
the water only gets luke warm. I can't seem to find anything on the
boiler which controls the water heat, just the heating controls. Does
anyone know where the heat level is controlled with a warm air system
- is it on the boiler or in the loft?
It is a 27 year old boiler which was put in when the house was built,
I had a gas safety certificate done 6 months back and is all fine.
ANyone got any knowledge of these systems?
Thanks in advance,
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Thanks fo the quick reply
I will have to find that info out next time I am at the property.
I don't much about boilers/heating systems etc, but in the kithcen is what I would call the boiler - it is floor to ceiling and has heating timeing controls etc. There something in the hallway which has 10, 20 & 30 on it (I assume this is celcius degrees). Upstairs in the bathroom is an airing cupboard with a large tank in - there are some pipes going into this from the ceiling (from the loft) with some knobs which can be turned, presumably to stop the water flow.
I will get the extra info in a few days time though,
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On 3 Jan,
Mine (I've had two in different houses) had a seperate 'circulator' for the hot water within the main case. on the end of the heat exchanger was a mechanical thermostat which adjusted (modulated) the flame to maintain tank temperature. This had a nut and lock nut on the end for adjustment (which it never did). I got rid of it about 13 years ago as teh warm air side was not up to heating my by then extended house. It was quite reliable, but in view of the age it may need professional attention. The gas/air heat exchangers reputedly could leak and allow fumes into th air system, but seemed quite robust to me, but BG wouldn't service them last time I heard from neighbours who still had them.
Some systems had an ordinary water boiler and a separate water/air heat exchanger for the warm air system. These were just like any wet system of the era, but often had a modulating fan on the warm air side.
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Hi If it is a Staywarm system (IIR they were grey/green coloured) it should have a small gas water heater bolted to the heat exchanger just inside the heater front cover .This had a dial type thermostat to regulate water temp'. Good units in their time but long past their sell-by date.
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