Wallpapering Q

Wallpapering - easy peazy, done that loads of times.
However, this time the underlying walls are a bit of mess. Most (but no
all) of the paint on the plaster came off with the previous paper, and
the plaster type varies too, mostly pink carlite, a few patches of dark
grey thistle and some white one coat stuff. Previous paper was painted
blown vinyl, so no issues with underlying background showing trough.
Going up this time is a very light coloured printed paper - what's the
chance of the patchy background showing through if I don't give it a
coat of paint?
(Its not the time to paint that's the problem, its that paint over glue
residue is a hideous mess and I like to give the walls a good clean
first if painting, but that is hard work!)
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Steven Briggs
What about lining paper?
Don't know if sugar soap would be any use? But trying a bit wouldn't hurt.
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If it were me, depending on the size of the room, i would get a plasterer in to skim it. The house we bought had such bad plaster (only the surface though from some fool removing the old wall paper with what looks to be a shovel!!) we have just had each room skimmed as required. I had my front bedroom done a few weeks back, ceiling included, for £250. now i can just paint it.
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Chris Lewis
In message , mogga writes
Indeed. BTDTGTS. Also very messy job, and while the carpet is up, the underlay in still in place (lots of staples). Anyway, put up heavy lining paper this afternoon, although attempts to convince the powers that be that the plain beige finish was very relaxing, didn't work ;-)
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Steven Briggs

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