Tool bag (mainly use my tool for mechanics)

As subject really. I'm after a tool bag for my tools, always wonder in and
out of the house looking for tools and think it might be a better idea if I
get myself a tool bag and wondered if anyone came accross and goods ones ?
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Bahco do nice ones (uk.d-i-y reports cheapies in B&Q recently) and there are some very nice American ones from "Bucket Boss" or "Tool Boss". Sadly they seem to have folded recently, but there's still some old stock around (cheap too).
If you want big, try an army surplus shop or eBay. Squaddie canvas holdalls are a tenner or so and made of excellent strong canvas.
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Andy Dingley
I got a very nice tool trolley - about the size and shape of a shopping trolley, but with tool boxes and parts containers built in - from Macro. The only time I ever managed to get enough tools into a tool bag was when I did smithing at an open air museum and only needed to carry my own leather apron, hammers and gloves and even then I needed to carry the sledge separately.
Colin Bignell
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quite, I had an old green tool bag but even for minor jobs it doesnt hold enough.
Theres nothing special about tool boxes, just use whatever container fits the size and portability you need.
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B&Q also had a Makita branded one - a bit more expensive (like the tools) - =A330 I think. But it seems very very robust - don't think it will be easily torn by any sharp pointy tools - and it's closed over by a big velcro flap.
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I've been to four different B&Q's (incl. two warehouses) over the past couple of weeks and couldn't find the Bahco one at all - never mind for a tenner :-(
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Dave Osborne
"Colin Wilson" wrote in message news:
Someone mentioned a branded one in B&Q a few days ago for £10 IIRC
OOhh I passing a B&Q today I'll check it out.
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Avoid the very cheap thin ones. I went through quite a few holding tools in the car. They only lasted a year or so each. Then I spent more and I've still got it. It's so old, I can't even remember where I bought it.
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I use a Plano 'hard bottom' (leave it) toolbag which is still in mint condition after a decade of use/abuse.
Me too. Best to wonder than to realise how crap life really is ;-)
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