This is NOT a hoax........ Please Read!!!

Hi Everyone, the more people that know about this the better, that is why I
have cross posted. I make no apologies
It is most imperative that you read this.
It is NOT a hoax.
I have just received a telephone call. Upon answering, a female voice
informed me that I had an 0800 reverse call on my line waiting for me, FROM
... there was a little giggle, then it went on, if you wish to accept say
yes. DO NOT say yes, just put the phone down.
This is a scam. If you say yes, you will be paying dearly for the privilege.
If you check with
formatting link
you will see it is a scam
If you ring 1471 from your phone you will find the number 0845 685 3000 has
just called you.
I have checked with British Telecom and they inform me that by contacting
this number, they will bar the 0800 Reverse Call from your telephone line:
0845 770 9000
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I say again, This is NOT a
It's upto you !
May 2008 bring you much peace, joy and happiness
Kindest regards,
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After watching the advert on TV, I (how sad am I?) checked on the cost of 0800 REVERSE calls. Apparently it is £3.48 plus 50p / minute. Googling shows that is is a common nuisance call from kids. Not a scam, just an abused costly service. hth Neil
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Hardly news. BT have offered this service (or rather, they've licensed it out) for years. It appears in the official BT Price List.
It is NOT a scam, but an advertised service. Bloody expensive, but legal and documented.
We used to get these calls from friends of my son, but kids playing pranks in general do it. It'll cost a shade under four quid each time.
Incidentally, if you begrudge the high cost of 0845 calls and the fact that BT's outsourced company get a bit out of that too, contact them via their website instead...I did and barred all five of our numbers, plus the four mobiles, all in one go.
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5 (II) and 3) .
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Bob Eager
Yes.. daylight, legalised robbery! However, our teenage daughter regularly used this when she had no credit on her mobile. In the 1 second where her name was recorded, she managed to pass a short message for free. Then we hung up.
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Andy Dee
Apparently they get wise to that if you abuse it, and bar your number from receiving 0800 reverse calls.. which isn't necessarily a bad thing ;-)
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Just by chance I've just been called by someone asking for a Mr Ajumah. The caller apologised, and hung up.
When I hit callback, it said
"Telephone number 08003 289 393 called today at ... press 3 to callback" then in a different voice "There is normally a charge for this service".
Apparently this number is BT's Indian call centre. Or possibly the BT Nuisance Call action line. Or maybe the Engineer's test centre...
I'll check my bill.
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Andy Champ
The "charge for this service" refers to the fact that you get charged (5p I think) if you hit 3 to dial the calling number. It's been like that for quite a while, but because it comes at the end of the message I suspect many people never get to hear it.
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Andrew Taylor
ne call. Upon answering, a female voice
Why aren't these sorts of things opt-in, instead of opt-out? And do BT attempt to justify the cost? Why isn't it 10p per minute? Funny how banks get told how much they can charge people for getting overdrawn, but BT doesn't.
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
Useful, thanks!
I assume you just sent an email to ? If so, did you get a response? Have you been able to check that all your numbers have *really* been barred?
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Roger Mills
In message , the_constructor writes
I live in North London and nearly every night I got in to find a telephone message from an 0845 number telling me to call about an important business matter. I never was daft enough to call the "Premium Rate" number they quoted, but there are obviously a lot of scams still going on.
My golden rule is that unless it's family and friends, I don't return any calls.
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Edward Cowling London UK
On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 12:20:06 +0000, Andy Champ wrote:
You mean 1471/Call Return ?
"Press 3 to return the call.There is normally a charge for this service"....... Thats normally the message you hear when it offers you Call Return .Anyone with sense writes down the number then dials it themselves of course .
Why do you need to check your bill.? Did you call the number .What makes you think it could be one of the 3 things you mention ?
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Stuart B
In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
Ta! [I assume that's yes, yes and yes - since there were 3 questions]
I'll have a go myself.
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Roger Mills
When I was a child we didn't have a telephone at home.
And a phone call in the box on the corner was 5p - a day's sweetie-money (two ounces of something weighed out by hand).
Kids nowadays, etc...
Even in the 1980s quite a few people didn't have phones where I lived in rural Wales - shortage of line plant.
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Caller ID costs me £1 a month on my land line. Any number I don't recognise never gets answered
My telephone also has a memory and a LCD screen that can display the last 99 calls made to it
With the two combined I can monitor how many times the scam bastards - and of course, legitimate and licensed tele sales companies - ring my number
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Tricky Dicky
Caller Display can be obtained free from BT( usually £1.75 I believe no t£1) but you need to accept to register with Privacy At Home . Details Here
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formatting link
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Stuart B
Someone on here once said when it came to giving the name, in order for their wife to know he was at the station and ready to be picked up, his name would simply be "I'm at the station".
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DVDfever Dom

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