TEKS screws

I've been asked to attach some fixings to steel sheet using hexagonal-
headed TEKS screws (as already used for similar fixings in the same
location). These, apparently are self tapping - but do they need a pilot
hole? If not, how do I start them off? Are they meant to be driven by a
spanner, or a power tool?
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Andy Mabbett
The ones I used roofing one of my buildings in steel profile sheeting just sat in a hex socket in my Wickes bat op drill, and with an initial stout push went in nicely. They had a cutting edge ground on the point, and the screw bit only started after maybe a mm or so.
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Andrew Mawson
In article ,
If they are what I'm thinking of they have a 'drill' on the tip of the screw so are truly a one shot approach to fixing into sheet metal. A drill with a suitable socket on the end is all you need - although a centre punch helps if you need accurate spacing, etc.
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Dave Plowman (News)

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