T&G Floor Boards over a Concrete Floor.

My Living room is 5.5meters by 4meters 22sqmeters. How do I work out
hom many linear meters of board do i need.
Also what sought of insulation would you put under the boards.
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Hmm, lessee ...
If the boards are 4 metres wide you'll need 5.5 metres If the boards are 2 metres wide you'll need 11.+ metres If the boards are 1 metres wide you'll need 22+ metres If the boards are 50 centimetres wide you'll need 44+ metres
Can you see a trend?
If you'd given a wee bit of information concerning the width of the boards you intend to use together with the shape of the room (is it dead square or a rhomboid?); one might be able to hazard a guess.
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Brian Sharrock
On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 19:45:36 -0000, Garry wrote:
What about that stuff you use for under laminate flooring?
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