Stair hub?

We were sent details of another house by the estate agent. it said
bedroom three had a "stair hub".
When we viewed there was this massive wooden structure: the length of
the room and four foot deep and four foot high. What on earth is a
stair hub and how much (if any) of the wooden structure could we
remove if we bought the house?
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Well, it seems to be the way to describe space enclosed in a room which is above a stair well. It is needed to provide the necessary headroom on the stair, without the stair being open to the room.
Does this line up with what you actually saw? If so, I think you can work out the rest of the answer yourself.
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Chris J Dixon
On 06 Nov 2007 07:47:16 GMT, (Andrew
I am sure it is. However, we did not pay much attention to the stairs and landing; we were too busy looking at the rooms. I guess we need another look. But even so, I can't believe that they needed to take a 4'x4' chunk out of the room for the staircase. What architect got away with doing that?
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When space is too tight this method is used to allow a less steep staircase. Its sometimes needed to conform to modern BR on staircases in a property where space is tight.
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