Should a sink outlet run into the rainwater/gutter system or into the toilet sewage pipe

In article , 405 TD Estate writes:
Depends where you live. In some areas (older dense urban areas) surface water goes into the sewers anyway as there's no separate surface water drainage system and nowhere to put soakaways.
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Andrew Gabriel
On Mon, 05 Nov 2007 00:51:33 -0800 someone who may be 405 TD Estate wrote this:-
Presumably it actually runs into a pipe connected to the guttering or a hopperhead.
Assuming this is the case, it depends on what drainage system you have.
If the guttering is connected to the sewer system (likely in an older building) then the arrangement is fine. If the guttering is connected to a surface water drainage system (likely in newer buildings and rural areas) then this is not fine.
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David Hansen
On Nov 5, 9:36 am, David Hansen wrote:
lot of it still remains unimproved. They had open connections into hoppers and were not well up on p and s traps.
A vast army of navvies converted rivers and streams into enclosed sewers whose brickwork is still very good today.
Today some effort is made to separate surface water from foul water with grey water going into the septic system. Near a beach or open river the surface water might be let go into those outlets.
All at the behest of a Mr Thomas Crapper. A cost cutting accountant called in to deal with poor laws. In his defense, most sewage dealt with grey water in those days.
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