Router breakout

I'm aware that a piece of wood (I forget its name) can be used to
prevent the break out as a router bit exists its cut from ruining the
work piece. I have a "breakfast bar" that needs finishing using a
router. This has both edges finished as a curve making the use of a
sacrificial piece of wood difficult/impossible. Anyone know if routing a
worktop like this will cause problems or does chipboard behave
differently anyway?
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Sacrificial board or backer board are two of the names for this.
It does somewhat. The main thing is to take smallish cuts and then for the last one no more than 1-2mm
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Andy Hall
Are you talking about two profiled edges meeting at a corner with the others unprofiles eg two adjacent edges against a wall and the other two not? If so, there are two ways I know 1 run the router edge 1 towards the profiled corner using scrap to prevent breakout. profile edge 2 away from the corner and running into a second scrap piece. or 2 cut a radius on the corner to be profiled about an inch or more radius. then run the router along edge 1 , round the radius and along edge 2 and end in the scrap as method 1.
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Bob Minchin
If you're trying to route a curved end on a postformed double-edged laminate worktop you need to work from each edge towards the centre, for one half the worktop needs to be upside down so that the cutter is working on the correct direction.
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Just to add to my input - this method should be used whether the end is to have a curved profile or is cut straight across from one post formed edge to the other.
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Sacrificial strip. Its purpose is to prevent breakout when routing across the grain on natural timber.
Whats it made of? And in which plane is the curve? Do you mean both corners are a radius?
Why does it need finishing with a router specifically?
Chipboard doesn't have a 'grain' so it machines the same way in any direction. There is no grain to break out.
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The Medway Handyman

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