Re: How soon can I tile a new concrete floor?

Jon Weaver wrote:

I'm jumping in a bit late, but here goes. Topps' advice presumably applies if you use tile adhesive, but why are you using tile adhesive? Mortar is a bit fiddly on vertical surfaces but is a doddle on horizontal surfaces. If you tile with mortar, then a. you want the concrete to be damp and b. you should also soak the tiles in water If the base concrete has been set a long time, you need to spray it with PVA before tiling with mortar to get a satisfactory bond, but you're actually about to get a new screed which would be ideal for tiling after a day.
In theory you could just float mortar onto the floor and bed the tiles in it*, but the usual (traditional) advice is to 'butter' the individual tiles. I guess that this minimises air bubbles under the tiles.
* Well that's not really any different to just bedding the tiles into the fresh screed. Somebody on this ng must have tried that?
Pros: mortar is a LOT cheaper than 'tile adhesive' Cons: you may need a jack hammer if you ever want to remove the tiles!

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