Radiators which do not work

I have moved into a new house with an open Central heating system. 2
of the radiators do not work or heat. The have been bled are are fine.
ie water not air escapes when the bled valve is opened. The hot feed
to the radiator is also warm so hot water is getting a far as the
valve. I have also opened the valve fully. Any ideas?
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Sticky valve? Can you take the head of it? There is a pin of some sort underneath that controls the water flow. If this sticks, no water gets through, regardless of how you set the thermostat.
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I used to have that problem in a previous house.
Grab the pin with pliers and work it up and down to loosen it.
Prepare for the same problem when switching the system on next autumn.
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Mike Barnes
Please excuse what you might think is an obvious suggestion but I don't know how much you know. Have you opened the valves at both ends of the radiator?
Peter Scott
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Peter Scott

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