Porch door glass - bead in or out?

I'll be fitting a pair of porch doors next week, and would like an
opinion on which way the glass bead should be.
The doors have 10 pieces of glass,the door is rebated on one side, with
4 pieces of beading for the other side to hold the glass in.
My first thought was to put the rebated side, outside - far less chance
of water ingress, as no joints at the corners.
The doors can be fitted either way round.
Is my thinking right?
Also, fitting/sealing the glass. Is putty still the thing to use for
such a job, or is there an alternative in a tube now?
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Beads are better inside. Marginally more secure, and less likely to rot. Any acrylic sealant is better than putty for bedding the glass IMO because it stays flexible
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Stuart Noble
Additionally, beads inside means that, if the door slams, the glass gets pushed into the recess, rather than against the beading.
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Chris J Dixon
In article , A.Lee writes
Tradition says pretty side inside so beads on the outside and this would be my preference. For weather sealing I would bed the glass in silicone (from a caulking gun) then apply a little more silicone before adding the bead and you wont get a better seal than that. Avoid the temptation to wipe off excess silicone, it will be better trimmed off with a scalpel when it's set.
If you're worried about security (I am) then fit the glass using security glazing tape. Give it a 50% overlap at the corners for sealing and apply a continuous bead of silicone before fitting the beads. The tape is uber sticky double sided foam tape (1-2mm thick) so you can't get the glass out from the outside without breaking it but you can cut the foam from the inside if you need to replace it. I can't find my link for a supplier but will look again if you're interested.
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Look at butyl glazing tape (I think Wickes sell it, otherwise ask a glazing company to sell you some). It's a thick butyl rubber, typically 10mm wide, 2.5mm thick in white or brown, on a paper- separated roll. Delightfully easy to use.
Alternatively, I have quite a bit of surplus in brown (cheaper to buy a box of 20 rolls in my case) - I'd be happy to pass on for a few quid.
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tradition says that you make the mess on the outside when re-glazing and, in the case of putty, that's understandable.
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Stuart Noble

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