PC fan wiring

I have a number of ARCTIC F12 fans .... these have standard 3 pin
connector for plugging onto a mother board
Anyone able to confirm the wiring of these fans as I will not be using
with a PC, but a separate PWM controller.
Plug has RED, BLACK & Yellow
I need to confirm which is +V, Gnd and Tacho
Assume it will be the order I listed above - but thought worth checking.
The PWM controller does not have 3 pin plug, it has screw connectors.
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blk is always ground
given that it has a red, that will be +12 and yellow will be tacho
if it didn't have a red, then yellow would be +12 and sense usually green
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Andy Burns
Any good motherboard manual defines these for you too.
The plug on the fan end, has a surface where that alignment "tab" fits.
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