OT - Carrier bag charge (or Not)

Overheard in a shop today (Robert Dyas if it matters)
"Would you like a carrier bag madam"
"How much are they"
"Our carrier bags are free madam - they don't have handles so we don't
have to charge - but they are plenty big enough for you to get a good
grip on the bag"
I cant see it working for Tesco or Sainsbury but I wasn't aware this
loophole existed......
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Chris B
Our little corner shop doesn't charge anyway. Is there an exemption for small shops?
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There is an exemption for small businesses and market traders. I get most of my plastic bags from shopping for vegetables on the market.
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Martin Brown
According to Google it's 250 employees.
Which doesn't stop some opportunists with decidely fewer than 250 employees* from trying to charge 5p for some thin gauge piece of advertising costing them around 0.2p in bulk. Being a very sad person, with a very large stock of free bags, when I remember, I try and make a point of always bringing a free bag as previously supplied by their opposition which can be immediately flaunted,when asked whether I want a bag.
Not that anyone bats an eyelid; but then that's the whole point of pointles gestures
michael adams
Small ethnic chains
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michael adams
You can get them in handy sealed pochettes from British Heart Foundation and many other charity shops.
A few times I've been caught without a bag and popped into a charity shop for a free 'donation bag'.
I do take quite a lot in (not always to the shop on the bag!) and buy from them quite often, so I don't feel bad.
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On a recent trip to Kyrgyzstan we spotted Morrisons bags in a couple of bazaars. No mention of a charge for them!
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