One floor tile not stuck :(

I tiled the bathroom floor last weekend. This weekend I've come to grout and
fit skirting, but I've found just one tile hasn't stuck properly.
The floor is WBP ply screwed at regular intervals (no more than 20cms apart)
all over, on to existing floorboards which are, in turn, screwed tight on to
joists and I have used flexible (for wood floors) adhesive.
It's an end tile, on the threshold between the bathroom and the hallway and
I suspect I was a little too keen fitting the brass floor divider and forced
the tile to move a little, when fitting the divider, before the adhesive had
set hard.
Are there any tips/techniques for removing a single floor tile and relaying?
There are tiles on three sides of this one (all are fixed fine).
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If you have a spare tile lever it up and scrap..if not try brick aid to clean it.
I tiled UP to my dividers, and filled the gap with grout..
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The Natural Philosopher
What's Brick Aid? Google's never heard of it.
You're likely capable of cutting a much smoother tile edge, than I.
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I think he was suggesting brick acid (which dissolves cement), but as you used a ready mix adhesive, which are polymer (glue), not cement based, brick acid will not do the trick.
If you need to rescue the tile, lever it up, gently, and try soaking it in water overnight - the adhesive should then scrape off again - it's the upside of using crap adhesive! The downside is that it failed in the first place, but I shouldn't remind you of that.
If not, bash it out, scrape all of the adhesive off the floor (soaking if necessary, but preferably not, as it will affect the neighouring tiles too) and re-lay.
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:) I knew that'd be your follow up - I know for the future.
Thanks for the info - will give it a go tonight.
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Andy Dingley

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