New central heating system

Hi All,
We have just moved into a 3 bed detached house which was the previous
owners unfinished DIY project.
We have radiators installed in all rooms, but there is no boiler, and
all we have for hot water is an immersion heater.
In the village is no natural gas, and the garden is too small to fit
an oiltank (legally).
Is there anybody that has got any experience with electric boilers
either just CH or a combi boiler, or would LPG be cheaper?
Many thanks,
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Oh shit.
Are you ABSOLUTELY sure? ask the building control. They may be able to waive some stuff if you double bund etc.
If you ain't got room for an oil tank, gas is even more stringent.
Immersion won't break teh bank, its house heating you need. Fancy solid fuel at all?
I THINK you can still get fan blown coke boilers that will run pressurised etc.
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The Natural Philosopher
Look the Gledhill electric thermal stores.
formatting link
to apartment portfolio on the menu.
Look at the ElectraMate and Pulsacoil
Also go to the Alternative energies and look at the BoilerMate and Mitsubishi. An air sourced heat pump combination.
Also zone up the CH system into upstairs and downstairs with separate time clock. Have Thermostatic rad valves on all rads. Then Insulate the hell out of the house (12" in the loft) and draftproof as much as possible.
The Gledhill thermal stores require no annual service, so there is money saved there to compensate for the electricity used.
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Doctor Drivel
With the cost of oil (and solid fuel) electric heating is beginning to look competitive. What about Economy 7?
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That has at least two problems. 1) The cost of electricity relative to fuels may change in the short term but will come back to similar ratios is the medium term. The only way that will chance is if there are better ways of making electricity from fuel or the /bulk/ of the electricity is made from other sources of energy.
2) Whilst electric storage heating is a possibility on a modern flat built to modern and demanding standards of ventilation and insulation, there is no indication that the OPs house is like this.
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Ed Sirett

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