Insulated consumer unit for garage

Can anyone recommend an insulated consumer unit (i.e. not metal) that
is sturdy please?
I have a SWA cable feeding power into my garage and I need a plastic
consumer unit with a lower edge that isn't distorted by the weight of
the cable/cable gland.
Most of the consumer units I've looked at seem quite flimsy.
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All the ones I have seen are flimsy...I'd recommend terminating the SWA into an adaptable box underneath the consumer unit.
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
I terminated mine in a bit of aluminium angle, screwed to the wall right by the entry to the CU - using a piranha fitting to attach the earth cable.
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Roger Mills
I put in a MK Sentry and wasn't aware of it being flimsy though I used a side entry knock-out. (don't think there was a knockout on the lower edge)
You said "distorted by the weight". There is no weight with a properly supported and dressed SWA cable, so that is the real answer. Leave the final fixing of the consumer unit until the gland position is finalised if you have problems getting the length exactly right.
Jim A
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Jim Alexander
Is your garage going to have an independent TT earth? If not, you can use a metal CU.
Use adequate cable restraint on the SWA and it becomes a non issue.
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John Rumm

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