How BEST to clean south-facing windows?

We've moved to a new house where the windows on the south side are big
and unmissable from the inside! When the sun (or even strong light)
shines through, EVERY IMPERFECTION on the glass shows up . . . and it
looks BAD.
Now, I thought I knew how to deal with this situation. Firstly, a good
rub using one bucket of lightly soapy warm water, then a jolly good
rinse with another bucket of clean warm pure water straight from the
tap, and then lots of vigorous rubbing and soaking up and polishing with
a couple of big absolutely clean beach towels! Worked a treat on the
big windows of our old north-facing house! But it doesn't work well
enough in the new situation.
Strong sunshine today and you can still see areas of different degrees
of cleanliness. (When the sun moves round and doesn't hit the windows
directly, they look perfectly clean.)
So, any ideas on absolutely removing every resistant trace of grime,
smears, filth, fly-dirt, and what-have-you from south-facing windows?
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Window cleaning spray onna cloth (cleans and degreases the glass) then polish dry with scrunched-up newspaper while the window's still damp. Change the newspaper when it gets damp.
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Mungo "Two Sheds" Toadfoot
On 13 Dec, 16:49, Eddy wrote:
Use a proper squeegee, you know deep down it's the proper way! Also it's quicker than the alternatives.
Eg see
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Martin Pentreath

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