Hot Water - Strange Smell

My hot water has started to have a strange smell to it -
similar to the smell given off when opening a car radiator expansion
tank. I'm wondering what may have caused it - I have a hot water
cylinder fed from a gas boiler and was wondering if the internal
heating element of this has corroded through and the hot water from
the CH side was getting into the hot water side - if this is indeed
how it works.
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Jim Burrows
In message , Andy Burns writes
Could be, had a dead rat in the loft tank once, it had decomposed enough to get into and block the outlet pipe, just its tail left sticking out. There had been an interesting smell and taste to the water for a while, not of decomposing flesh though. It had probably had some of the normal putrid smell removed by the water?
Well worth a check in the loft.
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In message , Bill writes
you've knowingly tasted decomposing flesh????
mmmmmm :)
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