Front door source?

My new front porch/ cloakroom ended up with, due to a 'mismanagement-up' a
larger than expected door way.
I managed to find a door frame to fit and fitted it. This was made by
Jeld-Wen. The door required is 6ft 6" by 3ft. ( 78" by 36".)
Couldn't find a door that size in the Jeld-Wen catalogue. So I phoned them,
nope they don't do one.
Local joiners have a lead time of 6 weeks and I could do with it a.s.a.p.
I've Googled unsuccessfully. Can anyone point me to a door manufacturer that
does this size door.
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some which are 36 inches, but are longer. I just bought a door from them - I had to wait a while to get it though. If you call them they can see what they have - their prices are good - paid around £75 less than other online sites for a £400 door.
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What style are you looking for? It's not a standard size, so you'll probably have to have one made or adapt something.
The easiest ways of adapting things are either to buy a door blank (7ft x 3ft) and cut it down, or buy a 33" x 78" in the style you want and use hardwood lipping to increase it on both sides. Whether either option can look right depends on the style you're aiming for.
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