Flooring material Mystery

What I've got are concrete floors screeded over with about an inch of a dull
pink stuff.
It doesn't appear to be cement/sand based as it is too light. It more like
carlite in consistency than cement mortar.
The house was constructed in 1948.
I thought if I found out what it is it I can research it further and decide
whether I can seal it or rip it up.
Not keen on the latter as having done it in one room it reveals quite rough
concrete underneath.
Any ideas as to what it might be?
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Might possibly be limecrete, or a gypsum based mixture. Unusual either way. Might even contain brick powder. With the construction date being in the austere time after the war there's no knowing what tricks they may have pulled to get it done.
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Years ago treated a concrete floor with a Marley product, you put it on like a screed, this had a marble effect, as I was young I will make that an excuse. I was wondering if that is what it is. Might be worth contacting Marley, if they still exist, and asking their advice.
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Sounds like hot poured asphalt. Comes in blocks and heated in a tank at the back of a lorry. Poured onto the floor and spread about 1/2" or 10mm thick. One way of telling if it is Asphalt, furniture castors sink in and leave dints, even through carpets..
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The correct name for the Asphalt is (Rock Asphalt) Black for roofs and either Red, Pink, Brown or Black for floor screeds.
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