Flexible hex bit drive

I've seen a very flexible bit drive - 1/4 inch hex - to use with a
cordless, or other, drill. It is not the normal flexible but rather
rigid spiral wound wire drive but a drive which can be twisted into a
complete circle. Now cannot find it anywhere despite extensive
If anyone knows what I am talking about, would appreciate a pointer.
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What you're asking for isn't clear, since your English above seems a bit strangled. I'm guessing that what you means is that you want a drive which is not the usual one made of spiral wound wire. You want a drive of unknown construction which can be twisted into a complete circle.
Would this be the sort of thing you are referring to?
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out of stock with no known date when they will be in stock. Also sourced from Amazon.com (USA).
Quick Google, they are available here:
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Steve Firth
In message , CS writes
Well, I have a couple, so, yes they exist
My local hardware store that I bought them from has just closed down, but they are online here
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