expanding foam cans are stuck

I've recently bought a batch of expanding foam (Siroflex). The 10 cans
were inside a box and laying horizontally...
Unfortunately, as I found out later, the cans should had been stored
vertically. As a result, the last few can left are now stuck...i.e,
when loaded in a gun they simply refuse to yeld any foam.
Is there any way or trick of getting then working?
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but that wasn't part of the spec.
Oh... you want to use it in a *controlled* way.
Given that the cans are class F for anything constructive; one might as well think of the most spectacular project
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Andy Hall
Place at strategic points in the garden[1] and take up a high vantage point with an air rifle. Now just wait for the local errant cat/fox/youth/busybody to enter the blast radius... ;-)
Could be just the thing for curtailing a noisy firework display this time of year!
[1] not necessarily yours
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John Rumm
In article , snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.co.uk writes
I've found that a sharp tap down on the valve will sometimes do the trick, always done outside.
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... and here was me thinking that the biggest danger with Evostik was if teenagers but some in a placcy bag.
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Andy Hall
Well, thanks you all for your suggestions...some were funny some others more useful. I'll give it a go about tapping the top of the valve...but it seems to me that's probably is better to get rid of them all. As they were sent on an unmarked box - no UP/DOWN indication nor advice of how to store them. I rang the store and got a replacement.
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In message , Onetap writes
Yes. Throw them away. If it does spray in your direction you will not beat it. Amazingly I am not blind.....................
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