Electrical Multifunction Installation Tester

So I got this tax rebate and I'm thinking of blowing it on a new
Multifunction Installation Tester.
Seems that Alphatek is not well liked, so it's a choice between Fluke
165x and Megger 155x.
I don't need the "connect to a PC and download results" functionality.
Any general thoughts or comments appreciated regarding
features/usability/convenience/reliability, etc.
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Dave Osborne
I've got a Amprobe Combitest 2019 on long term loan from a very decent friend.
It's the only 16th edition tester I've used (though I've got buckets of experience with electronics test gear), but it's an upmarket one, has quickly and easily done everything I wanted - and I'm certain the owner would have done his homework most thoroughly before buying. Very high quality test leads with it too.
Thoroughly recommended.
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Not with a 165x - its an installation tester. I have a 1652 and an Alphatek. The Alphatek is ok but a bit limited when it comes to the auto sequence tests for a 30mA RCD. The Fluke is ok but the probes not quite as secure with the croc clips as the Alpha. They are both reasonable bits of kit with different prices.
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