Drainage changes

| __Gutter | | | |-----|-- | |.........................|__| | Pond | | | |____________________| | | < Soak away ><1>
(1) proposed drain
Sorry bout poor quality of art :s but I just wanted to try to ask for peoples advice. At present the soak away goes striaght into the pond meaning that the water level doesnt stay above this point as it just soaks into the garden... So what I wanted to do was put a drain in as shown in the diag. with the soak away pipe going into the bottom and a normal pipe leaving the top at a higher level than was previously. Firstly can anyone see any problems with this?, its about 30m's from house and falls probably 1-2m's. Is it actually likely that the drain will actually fill with water and fill the pond or will it just back fill and soak away?, the level of the top of the drain is well below the level of the drain near the house. Cheers for any advice coments concerns etc, as I have already dug the bloody hole and its about 4ft deep :S. Oli
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