Dowel 90mm diameter needed

I'm doing some work for a charity mending the fence outside their premises.
It's made of turned, shaped uprights, some of which have rotted.
I need some timber that's round in cross section and 90mm in diameter to replace the rotten bits.
Anyone know where I could obtain some please?
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Most fence posts seem to be 75mm or 100mm but Googling for round fence posts 90mm and my location is bring up some possibilities. Maybe a similar search in your locality will too. If not, there's always eBay which seems to have some too.
Good luck,
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Nick Odell
Anywhere that sells 'turned' or round fence posts, they'll cost you three or four pounds each I would guess, depends on the length of course.
Where are you? I know my local (Suffolk) suppliers because I use quite a few of these.
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Chris Green
Help if you said how long they need to be. :-)

This seems to be more or less what you are after.
Dave R
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Thanks for those responses
In the end I found a supplier of hardwood dowels which I think it what I need rather than softwood fence posts
formatting link

Their 76mm size will do me and a couple of 350mm lengths is more practical to post than a long fence post.
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