Disinfectants for washing machine

Hi folks
I need to use a disinfectant in a washing machine, but don't know what
to pick. Many plastic tub machines arent bleach compatible, and I dont
know if that's the case with this one or not. Its a Bosch Maxx
WFL2260. What would be suitable, available cheap and wahsing machine
Thanks, NT
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In article , Tabby writes:
GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) is weakened by bleach, and is often used to make W/M outer drums which take a lot of stress in operation. Don't know about your machine though. Other materials in the machine may also be attacked by bleach - I don't think any machines are designed to be used with it nowadays.
A hot wash (60C) will disinfect. If you're really paranoid, use a 90C wash, but it's hard on the clothes.
Often that's not even necessary as harmful bacteria mostly live in the dirt which is washed out, and not on fabric fibres themselves, so a good wash is fine in many cases.
Also depends specifically what you are trying to disinfect against.
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Andrew Gabriel
Zoflora says it's suitable for use in washing machines
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does Dettol
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is also Eradicil aundry disinfectant
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suppliers for nursing homes would have specialist laundry disinfectants
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In message , Tabby wrote
What are you trying to achieve? Just getting rid of the smell of stale detergent/body fat perhaps? If so, a full packet of washing soda, no clothes, on the hottest longest wash will work. Washing soda is available form most supermarkets, Wilkingson etc. for around £1 a 1kg packet Example :
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We've just (last week) taken delivery of a brand new Indesit WIXXE 127 washing machine that has an area of the detergent drawer specifically for bleach.
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Pete Zahut
Thanks everyone. I went with washing soda and 90C.
I have a large industrial w/machine in my barn that gets used for horse blankets, dust sheets etc. I give it a squirt of ordinary toilet 'under the rim' squirty stuff every now and again (just because it's handy) when it smells a bit 'drainy'. Does the trick very well.
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Andrew Mawson

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