dado rail on stairs

I'm trying to run a dado rail on a wall going up a set of stairs and
then along a landing.
I can't work out how to cut the joint where the horizontal (landing)
run meets the stair wall run. Am I right in my guess that you set the
internal angle on a sliding bevel, measure it with a protractor, and
then halve it to get the right saw cut on both pieces?
They're in the same plane ie not turning a corner...
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That's basically it. Just make sure you measure the angle for the sawcut in the correct direction, depending which way you are holding the workpiece. If in doubt, try it with scrap pieces first.
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Man at B&Q
"Peter" wrote
Mark the rail location on the wall. Stick two bits of card of rail-width on the wall so they cross at the appropriate point. Measure the angle between the card templates and bisect it. Draw a line across the overlapped cards at this bisection angle. Cut through both pieces of card with a sharp knife. These ends will match the required angle of the dado rail.
Probably take less time to do than it did to write this
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Especially as you don't need to mesasure or bisect anything.
Just draw the line across the overlapped cards between the two points where the edges of the cards intersect.
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Man at B&Q
In article , Peter writes
You do realise that dado rails were originally intended to protect the wall form chair backs . . . . , on stairs :-?
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Peter expressed precisely :
Do it the way I did it....
Hold the horizontal section in place on the wall and mark pencil lines either side of it. Do the same with the bit which runs down the stair. Where the lines intersect for each of the upper and lower pencil lines, draw a line through them with a straight edge. Lay each piece back on the wall in turn and transfer the line onto each piece and cut.
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Harry Bloomfield
In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
Or, if using a mitre saw, work out the angle between the two sections and halve it. For example, if the stair angle is 40 degrees, the included angle will be (180 - 40) = 140, and you will need to set the saw at 70 degrees.
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Roger Mills
I can't quite see how this will join up. The piece running parallel with the stairs will be cut diagonally and the landing piece will be cut square. ie, the first will have a compound mitre and the second a simple mitre.
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In article , says...
Cut at an angle which bisects the angle at which the two pieces join.
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