Cutting through steel

I have some steel racks you can put shelfs onto- they are solid steel and I
need to CHEAPLY cut then a few inches.
I found a pic!
formatting link
- the white
things on the wall!
They are bout 1.5 cm across and 1.5cm thick (but not solid..if you look down
from the top they are like a U shape > |__|
I have:
A cheap hacksaw
A sheap electric saw from Argos with a 'metal' cutting blade
I doubt either of these are tough enough - can you recommend anything cheap
from B+Q?
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A hacksaw will cut the uprights quite easily - they are only mild steel. If in a hurry I use an angle grinder - that will chop then in a few seconds each.
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John Rumm
In article , John Rumm writes:
Agreed. You might want to buy a small file to take the sharpness off the newly cut edges.
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Andrew Gabriel
On Oct 16, 8:17 am, (Andrew Gabriel) wrote:
and you mitgh want to paint the cut ends so that rust does not start there and creep along under the paint and make it flake off.
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Try this in the 'waste' part of the metal you don't want, use some oil or WD40 to cool the blade and stop it going overheating and going blunt.
The ideal way would be a small grinder with a slitting disc in a grinder stand.
cheers, Pete.
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Pete C
Talking of tools, I just got one of these:
formatting link
Not relevant, I just wanted to share :-)
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Hacksaws are good. You can certainly cut bolts far faster with a hacksaw than you can with a Dremel's cutting disk. Angle grinders will do the job a tad quicker but TBH I'd rather waste a second than have to put a load of PPE on...
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