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Sorry if this is slightly off-topic guys.
We moved house last year and are in the process re-decorating the entire
house. In a couple of months we will be ready for re-carpeting the entire
upstairs and staircase.
Being for the upstairs, what is the general consensus for the best underlay
with heat / sound proofing properties? I have had a quick look and seen
some but it seems very expensive, about £100 for a 10m x 1.5m roll.
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Hum, I'd be very cautious about rubber crumb based stuff. It falls apart to black dust over a the years. And my experiences with old felt underlays isn't much better regarding the mess when being lifted.
I've used "Cloud 9" in 10mm thickness and am very plesed with the comfort/sound insulation etc. This is based on reclaimed polyurethane foam sandwiched between two thin sheets. It's light and easy to handle. Time will tell if it falls apart in use but there are no signs of that happening here after about 5 years, even in the doorway.
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