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Following on from my earlier question today about making holes in walls, and
wondering if it was worth hiring the necessary equipment for £30, SWMBO and
I were wondering how to install ventilation for the rest of the bathroom (my
question this morning was to do with fitting a light/ventilator over the
shower) and SWMBO came up with the idea of fitting another ventilation fan
fitting elsewhere in the bathroom, but joining the outlet hose from that to
the outlet hose from the shower fan, so we end up having to only make the
one hole to the outside.
Is this a bloody good idea, or are there hidden snags that we neither of us
have thought about? Would we need some sort of valve arrangement to prevent
back flow, and do such valves exist?
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Keith Dunbar
On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 19:58:10 GMT someone who may be "Keith Dunbar" wrote this:-
It is possible to connect two extract fans to a common terminal. One approach is that where the ducts join one places a triangular joint with a flap valve in. If one fan is on the flap blocks off the duct from the other fan, if both are on the flap is in roughly the mid-position to allow air from both to leave.
Alternatively fans with integral back draught shutters don't need the flap valve.
Connecting two fans to one terminal will reduce their performance if both are on. Indeed a flap valve will slightly reduce the performance even if only one is on. Whether this matters depends on the fan and the ducting.
The well known fan manufacturers, Xpelair and Vent-Axia, tend to have full catalogues from which one should be able to assemble a suitable range of bits. Their fans also tend to work for along time and are often well worth the extra cost.
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David Hansen

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