Bathroom supplementary bonding

I wonder I anyone can give me some advise on bathroom supplementary
I have recently replaced my bathroom suit and understand that I need
to install supplementary bonding. I intend to bond the hot, cold and
heating pipes together in the loft where they enter the bathroom
rather than stringing bonding wire all around the bathroom. I
understand that the regs allow the bonding to be provided in close
proximity to the bathroom location. Is that right?
I have seen many posts about supplementary bonding to lighting in the
bathroom and I am still a bit unclear as to what the requirement is
here. As I understand it the supplementary bonding from the pipes also
has to be connected to the earth points of the junction boxes to which
the lights are connected. Is this correct? It would seem to me that if
you do this then you are in effect connecting the supplementary wiring
system in the bathroom to the house wiring earth which, I have read,
you should not do.
Any clarification here would be greatly appreciated.
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You want a connection to the CPC (i.e. earth) of any circuit that supplies power to the room. Since you are making connections in the loft a connection to the light switch or ceiling rose ought to be easy.
Not so much "should not do". as "there is no requirement to do". What you are trying to do is create an equipotential zone within the bathroom, so that anything that can introduce a potential into the zone is bonded together. That way you are not able to touch any combination of things at a significantly different potential.
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John Rumm
that anything that can introduce a potential into the zone
Thanks for your reply John. I have wired up the bathroom supplementary bonding including the earth point for the bathroom light as you suggested. Checking it all out with a meter it's OK. I don't think I will be asking building control to certificate the job as they want 50 quid plus but at least I know it's safe.
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