Basin waste - what sealer do I use?

I am going to replace the waste on my bathroom basin as it is all scratched
and looks awful.
What type of sealer do I need to go under the waste to make water proof?
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"diy-newby" wrote
The last one I bought came with a foam(ish) sealing washer. A thin smear of silicone on each side of this for good measure and Bob's your doodah.
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I recall reading that it is essential to seal between the nut and the bottom of the basin - otherwise it may leak when emptying or if water goes into the overflow.
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This thing compresses a thick rubber bung which fills and seals the threads, so none is needed.
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No sealant required = famous last words.
Ensure faces dry, clean and grease free before applying only as much as needed.
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Yes, they are great. I always use them when replacing a waste outlet. Also(to the OP), dont even think about using a 2 piece waste (the bit you see in the sink, where the strainer is screwed on separately) as they start leaking too easily - you tighten up the large nut on the bottom, it then stretches the plastic bit in the sink, and the metal strainer can start to come loose. A quick look on Screwfix and Toolstation shows none of this type on sale, though they are available from B+Q et al, and are shite.
Spend £1 more for a 1 piece waste like this one here:
No need for any sealant at all when used with the Basin Mate. Alan.
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