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The front drive to our house has a couple of nice potholes which were there
when we moved into the house. (Each time we viewed the property, the
previous owners had obviously parked their cars strategically to cover the
holes and the surveyor misseed them as well!) Anyway, I was wondering
roughly how much it would be to have the drive resurfaced using asphalt,
it's approx 15ft x 15ft?
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================================== If the drive is generally in good condition you could fill the potholes with bags of cold-set asphalt from Wickes etc. This works quite well for fairly small areas.
If you want to resurface you might get by with a skim coat (about 1" thick / 1/4" asphalt), and this can be OK for light domestic traffic. If you want a proper full-scale job you would probably pay at least £30-00p per square yard.
Avoid the gypsies - top price - appalling job!
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Hello there, I've just been doing a drive up the road and I've got a bit of tarmac left that would fix your drive just fine. I had to change Mr Smith £1000 but seeing as I have a little bit left over I could fix yours just fine for £250. :)
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As one Gypsie said ... "I'll Tarmac to the cat!"
I remember viewing a house which the tarmac drive that had been badly damaged by next door's tree roots and the owner had parked over the damaged area. Fortunately we'd driven past several times previous before viewing the inside and spotted it when the car wasn't there. The inside was crap too as it happens, but they couldn't park a car over that!
Have a look at
formatting link
or post in the forum over there.
I can tell you the response you'll get though; they'll tell you to redo the lot as it'll look crap if you just fill the holes. They'd be right too.
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