advice re satelite dish and crimping

I am trying to install a sat dish, I purchased some F type plugs from
B and Q which are marked as crimp. The out ring looks far too solid to
crimp, there is an inner ring that looks like copper but how do I
access this,
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grateful for any advice on how best to fit an f type connecter to the
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================================== I think you've bought the wrong type of F connectors unless you want to buy a heavy duty crimping tool. You could cut your losses on those you've bought and buy again here:
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first reference above (satcure) has a good guide to doing the job and I think the second (tlc) sell heavy duty crimping tools, one of which which *might* be the one required for this job.
The screw-on type of F-connector are really easy to use as I've recently found having just installed my own dish / receiver using a satellite finder from Maplin. I'm now just waiting for Sky to come and install their receiver - hopefully without spoiling the excellent set-up I've achieved.
Remember to buy connectors to match your cable.
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In article ,
Unless you're fitting hundreds, get the screw on type. A good crimping tool ain't cheap and is essential to make a good joint.
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Dave Plowman (News)
Did you also buy the correct crimp tool? Without it you don't stand much chance of terminating the connectors onto the cable reliably, there are many sizes of connector and thus many different sized dies for the crimper.
Coax crimp outers are quite chunky, most need a rachet tool to crimp them properly.
image file somewhere?
Without a crimper, with dies to match the connector, your best bet is to get the twist on variety, in the right size for your cable of course...
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Dave Liquorice

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