do we need to be out of the house when fogging attic and crawl?

Yep and if you weren't directed so verbally and in writing, it's time to get another contractor. Fogging of any pest is not fit for humans either, doesn't matter where the fogging's happening. Call or visit your Municipality and find out if the contractor is licensed and permitted and let them know: - - you haven't been provided any information on how long the house needs to be vacant. - what should be removed before the fogging. - what cleaners to use to restore the safety of eating surfaces, dishware, glassware nor utensils. - what cleaners will restore sanitization of clothing, towels, carpeting and upholstered furniture. - what personal hygiene procedures should be followed after entering the previously fogged areas. - what the symptoms are of unintentional exposure. - what the chemicals are that will be used. - etcetera.
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