York Outside AC Unit - Fan stops but compressor runs

Hi - Checking to see if anybody has any ideas on a root cause.
I've got two York AC units at the house - the smaller one of the two is
having problems.
The fan on the outside unit will shut off while the compressor is still
running. The only common demoniator on when it happens is on really hot
days ( in Texas ) and the compress has to run more than 30+ minutes. The 30+ minutes is a guess becuase I've never been outside when the fan
stop - usually I notice the house getting hot and when I check the outside unit - sure enough the fan has stopped and the compressor is still running.
The longer history is that the first time I called the AC people when I
noticed this hapenning they replaced the fan. And I think when they replaced it they just added their own capacitor - or something like this - thus bypassing the main system capacitor - I think.
After the fan was replaced it still continued to do the same thing. Another AC company came out but could not reproduce the problem.
The York model number is H2DH030S06A.
It was installed in 1996 - and ran fine until about 2 years ago.
The guts of the unit is pretty basic. On the outside unit its got the main electrical connection box, e.g. the black thing that connects the power and has the switch that turns the unit on. Its also got the cylindrical capacitor ( I think ) which was replaced last year. And its
got one other component which I'm not sure what it is but it looks like
some kind of round sensor thats stuck in the side. Other than that there is no computer modules or anything fancy.
Anybody ever seen anything like this or have a suggestion. Basically the only thing that has not been replaced besides the compresssor ( on the outside unit ) is the electrical black component.
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