Wiring help - replace faulty light switch

Hi, hoping someone can help me sort this out. I am trying to replace a 2 Gang light switch cover as it has cracked and not working.
There are three lots of wires (A,B,C):
A. Red with a shorter Red attached to it and a White cable B. Red with a shorter Red attached to it C. Red with a shorter Red attached to it and a White cable
The original two switches are labeled like this:
------------------- 1 1
2 2 --------------------- ------------------- 1 1
2 2 ---------------------
On the left hand side of each switch the 1 and 2 are underlined.
On (switch 1) A Red connects to the two 1's A White connects to the right hand side 2
Red B connects left hand side 2 (switch 1) to left hand side 1 (switch 2)
On (switch 2) C White connects to right 1 C Red connects to the two 2's
On the new switches I have bought they are marked like:
2 x C 2 x Loop 2 x 1 2 x 2
So that each switch has one set (C, Loop, 1, 2)
So I don't know how to wire it the same?
This switch operates two independent lights and also an exhaust fan that turns on when either of these lights are switched on.
Hope someone can help!
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