Window Leak Troubleshoot

RO> The window is in a 1/2 story extension. it's a double window with RO> single hung. it's a new window. when it rains it leaks on the RO> inner frame - more spec. the drywall gets wet on the lower part RO> under the verticle casing.
RO> On a dry day, after removing the casing and drying out the RO> drywall i set my hose to simulate rainfall first on the window RO> itself for an hour - no water. i wait an hour then i do the same RO> but include the top of the window where the window meets the RO> siding (both vinyl). leave it for an hour - no leak. i wait an RO> hour and repeat the same in the roof area over the window - run RO> for an hour - no leak. i assumed i saturated the areas well and RO> assumed i covered all possible entries. no leak. next day we have RO> a moderate rainfall with no wind - after 1/2 hour i get the leak? RO> anyone have an idea?
Check for leakage above the window; the water didn't necessarily come in at the window where the leak symptoms are. Check for a things like a puddle in a flat roof, clogged gutters (fills up, overflows), if there is a roof valley or chimney nearby could be a leak there.
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