Well pump/water question

I have a well pump about five years old, the well is about 200 feet or
so down (It's a submersible pump). Today I found the filter cannister
full of dirt. I ran the water and emptied the cannister about five
times and the water cleared. Two hours later, there was dirt again.
Same process, the water cleared...then awhile later, dirt again. I now
have the water turned off, but does this sound like something I just
have to repeat and it'll clear, or else is it likely a real problem
with my pump? Thanks!
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Scott Erb
Sounds like the well has either collapsed or is constantly feeding sediment in. My well is around 10 years old and still produces a small amount of very, very fine sediment. It produced a _lot_ of it when first put in service.
Harry K
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Harry K
Sounds like your going to have to call the well driller to clean it up also you'll probably end up needing a new pump.
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Ours has been like that on and off ever since they started drilling gas wells in our area, or perhaps it is the drought. I have added a sand filter (centrifugal) and 2 whole house filters, and the end product at the tap is very acceptable. I only get about 1 1/2 - 2 months on a filter cartridge, in spite of kicking out the worst of it with the sand filter.
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Eric in North TX

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